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Will Latinos Embrace Obama or McCain?
In the annals of Latino history, this is the first election in which the Latino vote proved decisive in the primaries of both political parties.

Yiddish Los Angeles and the Birth of Latino Politics: The Polyglot Ferment of Boyle Heights (pdf)
The mention of Boyle Heights within certain Jewish circles conjures up images of Los Angeles’ lost immigrant experience: a vibrant, pre-World War II, Yiddish-speaking community, replete with small shopsalong Brooklyn Avenue, union halls, synagogues and hyperactive politics operating within the orbit of the New Deal but shaped by the enduring influence of the Socialist and Communist parties...

The Birth of Latino Politics and Bipartisanship in California (pdf)
The birth of modern Latino politics began during Roosevelt’s New Deal, with Governor Culbert Olson becoming the first state executive to court Spanish-speaking voters. California State Library Foundation Bulletin, No. 88, 2007

The Search for a Civic Voice: California Latino Politics (pdf)
Writing about his new book for UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies newsletter, Burt tells the story of the successful struggle for noncitizen old age pensions, including the role of Latinos. Public Affairs Report, Fall 2007

The Kennedys and Latino Politics - (pdf)
There has always been a special relationship between the Kennedys and Latinos.…Hyannisporter 10/07

WWII veterans brought leadership skills back home
The harsh reality that politics and war are intertwined is evident in the…El Reportero 9/26 - 10/5/07

LATINOS: Inicio de una celebración
Estados Unidos tardó 403 años desde que los inmigrantes de España colonizaron por primera vez el pueblo…La Opinión 9/18/07

LBJ's 'Great Society' Ignited Hispanic Heritage Month
It took 403 years after immigrants from Spain first settled in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565 for the United States to proclaim Hispanic Heritage Week as an official annual national celebration.…Hispanic Link Weekly Report 9/10/07

Pat and Jerry and the Brown Legacy in California
The optimism of mid-century liberalism was present last Thursday night in Beverly Hills as…California Progress Report 6/3/07

A Reflection on the State Democratic Party in San Diego
Now that the cheering is over in San Diego and the Democratic presidential candidates have moved on…California Progress Report 4/30/07

Integrating Immigrants into Civic Life is a Long Church Tradition
"The church in the United States has taken center stage in the debate over how to reform the U.S. immigration system,"...Catholic Herald 4/21/07

San Francisco Values: Pelosi's Faith and Immigrant Labor Rights
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quoted Pope Benedict quoting Saint Augustine to underscore the moral imperative to advance the common good…California Progress Report 2/27/07

Bush's "Citizenship Tax" Reminiscent of Texas Poll Tax
It may be a coincidence, but in the aftermath of Latino voters turning away from Republican congressional candidates, the Bush administration announced…California Progress Report 2/05/07

2008 Presidental Race Will Have a Western Accent and Be Good for the Democrats
The plethora of newly minted presidential exploratory committees signals the formalized start…California Progress Report 1/22/07